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In the News...

Troops will be deployed as N.B. floodwaters creep higher

Flooding Fredericton

A small number of troops will be deployed within the next 24 hours to help New Brunswick prepare for flooding.

'Nothing for the needy': Notre-Dame not France's only problem, say protesters


France's yellow vest protesters, seeking economic relief for students, retirees and the working class, took to the streets of Paris again Saturday, with some complaining about the huge corporate donations to rebuild fire-ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral.

How a Canadian brought curling to Kosovo — and a spot at its 1st world championship

Curling Kosovo Mixed Doubles Worlds

Canadian Peter Andersen wanted to bring curling to Kosovo when he moved to the small, tumultuous country in 2016. Three years later, he's representing Kosovo at the world mixed doubles curling championship and hoping his beloved sport keeps growing in the country.

New Brunswick 2019 flood update LIVE

New Brunswick 2019 flood update LIVE

Emergency Measures Organization officials deliver the latest update on the flood situation in New Brunswick

Northern Ireland police arrest 2 over killing of journalist


Two men have been arrested in connection with the killing of Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee during a riot in Londonderry on Thursday.

18 injured after deck collapses in Langley, B.C.

Langley Deck Collapse

Langley RCMP say 18 people suffered injuries after a deck collapsed at a Langley, B.C., home during a wedding-related celebration. 

What happened to triclosan? A lingering legacy of the hyper-hygiene era

Hand sanitizer

A few years ago we were brushing our teeth with it, rinsing our mouths with it, sanitizing our hands with it. And now triclosan is almost vanished from the marketplace.

Officials remain on flood alert across Quebec as rains subside

val-des-monts flood

The rainfall warning for Montreal was lifted Saturday, but authorities remain on alert for flooding across southern Quebec.

How French's ketchup took a bite out of Heinz

Joanne Duguay Bathurst, NB French's ketchup

French's sustained success in Canada is likely due to a combination of ingredients, including continuous free publicity and a Canadian-made ketchup that also offers a taste and price consumers find palatable.

How international pop is capturing the music world

Rosalia J Balvin Coachelle

From learning new languages to performing on Saturday Night Live, big name artists from the West and East are breaking the pop music mould in global collaborations.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News