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Gun control: It's been 30 years since the École Polytechnique massacre, so if not now then when?


With the 30th anniversary of the École Polytechnique femicide comes Canada's gun control moment of reckoning, writes Heidi Rathjen.

Transport chaos in France as strike against pension reforms enters Day 2


France faced a second day of travel chaos, shuttered schools and understaffed hospitals as unions said there would be no let-up in a strike against Emmanuel Macron's pension reforms until the president backed down.

Whatever happened to the promise of hydrogen-powered cars?

Hydrogen powered car

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at the difficulty of recycling plastic bottles, the hubbub over Tesla's Cybertruck and a Second World War bunker that was turned into a vertical farm.

How engineers of the Montreal Massacre generation are changing the world

Gina Parveneh Cody

On Dec. 6, 1989, a gunman fatally shot 14 young women studying to be engineers at Montreal's École Polytechnique. Thirty years later, other women of that generation have made their mark on engineering and the world, from designing aircraft to earthquake-proofing buildings.

'Our language comes from this land': How culture and territory connect for Homalco First Nation

Fay Blaney and Corena Wilson

People in the Homalco First Nation in British Colombia know that much of their culture has been drifting away from them and are working to capture and preserve the language and teachings from elders and past generations. 

Economists say Ottawa needs a new playbook to tackle the next global recession


A highly redacted department briefing note prepared for the minister of finance in the summer outlines some of the economic and fiscal tools that could be used in the next economic downtown. But economists tell CBC News it’s time to think outside that toolbox.

'I'm watching it disappear:' Residents along Lake Erie reckoning with worsening shoreline erosion

Chris Bradley

Many communities along Lake Erie are dealing with record-high water levels and significant erosion of the shoreline, and it's forcing some residents to consider abandoning their properties.

Montreal Massacre to be marked with ceremonies across Canada

Polytechique 25 Anniversay 20141206

Beams of light will shine today onto the Montreal skyline and at universities across the country to pay tribute to the women killed at École Polytechnique 30 years ago.

Job killer or job creator? Experts predict a climate employment boom: Don Pittis

Installing a backlit billboard in Toronto's Path system

Critics have warned the economic disruption caused by fighting climate change will lead to massive unemployment, but something different seems to be happening.

Trudeau is betting his entire government on the fight against climate change

Throne Speech 20191205

In December 2019, fighting climate change feels like the overarching cause in Canadian federal politics — the thing that everything else must work toward. It's not just a moral imperative, but a political one as well.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News