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In the News...

Strong quake jolts northwest Japan, but no major damage reported

Japan Earthquake Tsunami Graphics Map 16x9

An earthquake jolted northwestern Japan late Tuesday, prompting officials to issue a tsunami warning along the coast which was lifted about 2½ hours later.

IAAF argued in court that Caster Semenya is 'biologically male'


The governing body of track argued in court that Caster Semenya is "biologically male," and that is the reason she should reduce her natural testosterone to be allowed to compete in female competitions.

Canadian corporations dodged up to $11B in taxes in a year, CRA report finds

GE tax protest

Canadian companies avoided paying up to $11.4 billion worth of taxes in 2014, the federal tax agency says.

'Hands up, buddy. You're going to die': Violent Edmonton arrest under investigation

Edmonton police arrest video

A citizen video posted online appears to show an officer repeatedly kicking a suspect before slamming him face first into a wall.

House of Commons declares a climate emergency ahead of pipeline decision

Cabinet 20190618

The House of Commons has passed a non-binding motion to declare a national climate emergency in Canada, kicking off a week that will test the Liberals' promise to balance environmental protection with economic development.

Canadian soldier killed during parachuting training exercise in Bulgaria

Bombardier Patrick Labrie

A Canadian soldier has died of injuries sustained during parachuting while taking part in a multinational training exercise in Bulgaria.

Raptors Toronto victory parade marred by organizational problems

Raptors Parade Kawhi Leonard

A once-in-a-lifetime celebration for Toronto Raptors fans on Monday was not without organizational problems, as millions of people waited to greet the NBA champions for the first time since their historic win.

This isn't Thomas Mulcair's NDP anymore

NDP Singh Hamilton 20190616

If Justin Trudeau and the Liberals hadn't trounced the NDP in 2015, the New Democrats would surely not have released the sort of platform they did on Sunday — a platform that practically boasts of the billions in new revenue an NDP government would raise.

Iran will not wage war against any nation, president says

Iran Nuclear

Iran will not wage war against any nation, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday in a speech broadcast live on state TV.

Fossils found near Old Crow, Yukon, help scientists retrace steps of ancient hyena

tooth closeup

Researchers have confirmed that a pair of fossilized teeth found in northern Yukon in the 1970s are from a genus of hyena that made its way into North America during the last ice age.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News