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In the News...

U.S. Congress strikes deal on sanctions bill, handcuffing Trump on Russia

Donald Trump

U.S. lawmakers have reached agreement on legislation would limit any potential effort by U.S. President Donald Trump to try to lift sanctions against Moscow.

Alberta Wildrose Party OK's unite-the-right merger, pending PC result

Alta Wildrose PC Merger 20170722

Alberta Wildrose Party members have ratified the agreement to join with the Progressive Conservatives to form the new United Conservative Party, with 95.4 per cent voting in favour.

U.S. kills 12 Afghan police in airstrike amid violent clashes with Taliban


An errant U.S. airstrike killed 12 Afghan police officers and wounded two others, in a week when another 11 police were killed and six wounded in clashes with the Taliban.

16-year-old German girl among 26 foreigners arrested in Iraq after fall of Mosul

France Islamic State Family

Three Iraqi intelligence and investigative officials have told The Associated Press that 26 foreigners — including two men, eight children and 16 women — have been arrested in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and taken to Baghdad.

Ceasefire in effect in parts of Syria, but fighting intensifies on Lebanese border


The Syrian army command says it has ceased its military operations in several areas near the capital Damascus and in Idlib province, but Hezbollah and Syrian troops stepped up operations against rebels in parts of Syria near the Lebanese border.

Some residents headed home as B.C. evacuations orders are downgraded

kamloops evacuees

For some wildfire evacuees, it's been more than two weeks since they left home. The 3,300-hectare wildfire that forced them out is now said to be 90 per cent contained.

Teens shock online viewers by laughing while recording a man drowning

Man drowning

A group of Florida teenagers who recorded a man drowning on cellphones and laughed about it rather than calling for help could face charges, according the police chief in Cocoa, Fla.

Canadians set record with U.S. real estate shopping spree

Joel Levesque

The big spending comes despite the loonie's relative weakness compared to the greenback.

Home Alone, Sopranos actor John Heard dead at 72

John Heard

John Heard, best known for his roles in Home Alone, Big, and Beaches, died Friday. He was 72.

This cannibalistic invasive species could be coming to your dinner table

Green Crab

Food scientists are exploring ways to turn the European green crab into a lucrative commercial industry.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News