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What email clients do you support?

We prefer that you use Mozilla Thunderbird for the sake of security and simplicity.

We do however support configurations on Apple's Mail and Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express.

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Anti-immigration Australian senator wears burqa to Parliament in bid to ban them

Australia Burqa Stunt

An Australian senator provoked an angry backlash from lawmakers by wearing a burqa in Parliament on Thursday as part of her campaign for a national ban on Islamic face covers.

No one should be surprised at Trump's thoughts about Charlottesville: Keith Boag


No one who's paid any attention to what's been happening in the U.S. for the last two years could dare ask after Charlottesville, "How did it come to this?" Nor can those who truly understand the dark chapters of American history deny the darkness of this moment.

Worried about PC Financial's move to CIBC? Here's what you need to know

PC Financial

CIBC and PC Financial are breaking up a 20-year banking marriage and divvying up the assets — news one financial expert says isn't necessarily a good or bad thing for consumers.

'A broken system': Why workers are fighting mandatory mail-order drug plans

online pharmacy

Denying workers a choice in where they can buy their prescription drugs can save companies money, but many workers say the choice is simply too important.

Here's when to start watching the solar eclipse


The countdown is on: it's less than a week to the solar eclipse and you likely want to know when to look up. Here are some times for cities across Canada.

U.S. opens NAFTA talks with focus on trade balance — and a deficit of facts

NAFTA Renegotiation

If it wasn't clear before yesterday's kickoff to NAFTA renegotiations, U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer wasted little time in setting things straight: his job is to get a deal that delivers on Donald Trump's promises to U.S. workers. And he won't let the facts get in his way.

Military clergy struggle with directive to report sexual misconduct, documents show

Military Chaplains

Military chaplains are concerned about being forced to violate confidentiality in cases of sexual misconduct, according to documents obtained by CBC News under Access to Information.

Bannon calls white nationalists 'losers' and says U.S. is at 'economic war with China'

Steve Bannon

U.S President Donald Trump's chief strategist called a left-leaning writer seemingly out of the blue. He's since claimed he did not think it was an interview.

A former white supremacist explains how radicals recruit and who they target

Elisa Hategan's book

Elisa Hategan remembers becoming the portrait of hatred in Canada — the image of white supremacy shifting from that of men with shorn hair and tattoos to the face of a teenage girl with red hair and an air of innocence. It's a painful memory.

Conservative leader's free speech pledge wouldn't apply in U of T nationalist rally case

Parliamentary Session 20170621

A pledge by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to yank federal funding from universities that fail to uphold free speech wouldn't apply to a decision by the University of Toronto to ban a nationalist rally from campus, his spokesman said Wednesday.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News