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What's the deal with your Spam protection?

Spam, Spam, Spam. We use Amavis and Spamassassin to monitor spam. Currently we only flag your messages as spam. You will notice this in the subject lines "SPAM:" is added to all mail detected as spam.

Although we feel our spam detection is pretty good, spam will still get through undetected. We will try our best to keep our systems as up to date as possible to combat the ever evolving spam techniques.

Also, just a stat-for-thought: Over 70% of the email that is accepted by our mail servers is flagged as spam. This doesn't include the quantity of email that is actually rejected by our servers for failing to abide by standards while sending.

In the News...

Republicans postpone vote on their health-care bill until July

APTOPIX Congress Health Overhaul

U.S. Senate leaders scrambled Tuesday to rescue their health-care bill, in deepening jeopardy as opposition from rebellious Republicans intensifies. The defections increased after Congress's nonpartisan budget referee said the measure would leave 22 million more people uninsured by 2026 than former president Barack Obama's law.

'Trump' dumped: Toronto condo and hotel tower to ditch Trump name

Toronto Trump Tower 20151209

The new owners of the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto have reached a deal that will see the Trump name removed from the property.

B.C. leading rise in private school enrolment across Canada

School uniform

More parents across Canada are choosing to send their children to private or independent schools, according to a new study from the Fraser Institute.

White House Press briefing LIVE

White House Press briefing LIVE

Sean Spicer holds his first on-camera press briefing in a week, joined by Energy Secretary Rick Perry during what the Trump administration calls 'Energy Week'

FIFA fell short of its own concussion guidelines at World Cup, study says


The world’s biggest soccer body did not follow its own guidelines for assessing concussions at the 2014 World Cup, says a Canadian neurosurgeon.

Ransomware is infecting computers all across Europe in another major attack


A major ransomware attack on Tuesday hit computers at Russia's biggest oil company, the country's banks, Ukraine's international airport as well as global shipping firm A.P. Moller-Maersk.

Royal Bank to reimburse $22M in investment fees it shouldn't have charged some clients


The Royal Bank of Canada will pay almost $22 million in compensation to clients who were charged excess fees on some mutual funds and investments products.

Israeli decision to shelve mixed-prayer space draws Canadian anger


A decision by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet to scrap plans for mixed-prayer at the revered Western Wall in Jerusalem exposes a rift between Israel and Jews living in the diaspora, CBC Middle East correspondent Derek Stoffel writes.

New poll suggests Canadians believe pesticides are killing bees

Climate Bees 20150708

A new poll suggests that Canadians are deeply concerned about the loss of bees, with nine out 10 blaming pesticides for the sudden bee die-off. The survey was conducted for Friends of the Earth Canada to see how worried people are about the issue and to see how much they know about bees.

Trudeau says decision to break electoral reform promise was 'difficult'

Trudeau Europe 20170525

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he broke his key electoral promise to reform Canada's electoral system because there was no compromise from other parties and he didn't want to use his Liberal majority to ram through fundamental change. He is taking questions in the National Press Theatre and CBCNews.ca will carry it live.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News