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Looking for someone to make a Facebook app or perhaps something fun and exciting? Need a web dev to do some work? Contact me with the details of your project and we can see if I'm interested in and available to help you.

I use open source tools to develop top quality web sites with usability, standards and high function in mind. I can even host and manage projects if needed.

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Although we take great effort in filtering dangerous email from your accounts, for safety and security with your email we highly recommend Mozilla Thunderbird. As for web browsing we recommend Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

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The National for March 16, 2018

The National for March 16, 2018

Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News

Mark Arendz named Canada's flag-bearer for Paralympics closing ceremony

Mark Arendz Canada Paralympics

Para nordic star Mark Arendz was named Canada's flag-bearer for the closing ceremony of the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Arendz has won five medals so far at the Games, including a long-coveted biathlon gold and his first cross-country medals

Saskatchewan would support Alberta's decision to turn off oil taps

Manning Conference 20180209

Saskatchewan's premier says he'd stand by Alberta if its government decides to turn off the oil taps over the ongoing pipeline dispute with British Columbia.

Russia expels 23 U.K. diplomats in dispute over former spy's poisoning


Russia's government is expelling 23 British diplomats and threatening further measures in retaliation in a growing diplomatic dispute over a nerve agent attack on a former spy in Britain.

Canadian roundup: McKeever clinches country's best-ever Winter Paralympics performance


Brian McKeever, Canada's most decorated Winter Paralympian, raced to a rare "triple treble" — sweeping all three individual men's cross-country events for the third consecutive Winter Paralympics.

Why Doug Ford may govern more as a moderate than a 'radical conservative'

Doug Ford Ontario PCs leadership

Critics and political opponents have wasted no time trying to portray Doug Ford as a radical hard right conservative. But some political analysts believe while it's too early to say how Ford would govern, it's likely he will be much more moderate than his critics suggest.

The NAFTA numbers game: why trade deficit figures seldom agree


The reason why different agencies arrive at different numbers for the U.S.-Canada balance of trade is that the two countries count things differently, and the calculations are truly complicated. But some have sought to twist the numbers completely out of shape in an effort to undermine NAFTA.

How to avoid spending money on unnecessary oil changes


Marketplace goes undercover to find out why some service advisers at car dealerships offer much different — and more costly — advice about oil changes than what's found in your owner's manual.

Trump's goal of 'energy dominance' could change the global balance of power

Donald Trump

With the U.S. expected to soon be the world's biggest oil producer, America's dream of energy self-sufficiency draws nearer. What could this mean for Canada and the world?

Airline passenger rights advocates decry changes to transportation bill

plane travel

Airline passenger advocates are criticizing changes made to the Canada Transportation Act, saying they say will take away from customers' rights rather than add to them.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News