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Web Application Development

Looking for someone to make a Facebook app or perhaps something fun and exciting? Need a web dev to do some work? Contact me with the details of your project and we can see if I'm interested in and available to help you.

I use open source tools to develop top quality web sites with usability, standards and high function in mind. I can even host and manage projects if needed.

Fantastic Web Hosting

If you're looking for webhosting for your own websites you should checkout these guys. They're awesome.

System Security

Although we take great effort in filtering dangerous email from your accounts, for safety and security with your email we highly recommend Mozilla Thunderbird. As for web browsing we recommend Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

In the News...

Liberals unveil new UN peacekeeping force with hundreds of troops, police officers

Peacekeeping Canada 20160826

Canada will commit roughly half a billion dollars towards UN peace support operations over the next few years, a commitment that includes hundreds of troops and police officers. The announcement is being made at an air base in Bagotville, Que.

Alberta premier says government will 'recalibrate' if budget plans don't work

Notley ribbon cutting

With a record deficit approaching $11 billion, Premier Rachel Notley for the first time on Friday said her government may have to "re-calibrate" its plan to deal with the worst economic downturn the province has seen in 30 years.

The burkini is an option, not oppression, say those opposed to ban


The recent court decision overturning one French town's ban on the burkini is unlikely to put the debate about the body-concealing swimwear to rest. Some of those who have decried the ban say all the controversy won't stop women from wearing what they want.

Bangladesh police kill Canadian suspect in restaurant attack


Bangladeshi authorities say a Canadian man suspected of organizing a deadly attack on a popular restaurant in Dhaka has been killed in a police raid near the capital.

Can 'toxicity' between Canada Post and workers be cured?

Canada Post Strike 20160705

Whenever Canada Post management and union representatives reach an agreement, whether through negotiation or arbitration, the resolution may not be enough to repair their fraught relations.

Elsie Wayne: Loud, loved, always colourful


Elsie Wayne became one of the country's best-known political figures by being colourful and outspoken, and sometimes embarrassing, remembers fellow Saint Johner Harry Forestell.

Barack 'Fauxbamas' muse about their futures as Obama's presidency ends

Obama impersonators collage

As bookings start to slow down for some of them, four of Barack Obama’s best-known impersonators reflect on where their careers go next, and how resembling America's first black president changed their lives.

Trudeau to speak at Ottawa funeral for Mauril Bélanger

Mauril  Bélanger

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and former governor general Michaëlle Jean are among the dignitaries who will attend the funeral for Mauril Bélanger, the long-serving Ottawa MP who died from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

The Tragically Hip's big show, Olympics wrap up in Rio and a deadly quake in Italy: The week in pictures

The Tragically Hip Gord Downie tears

From the closing ceremony at the Summer Olympics to the discovery of an Earth-like planet on the star next door to the Hip's emotional show in Kingston, here's the week in pictures for Aug. 20-26.

Man charged in Toronto crossbow killings is a convicted bank robber

Brett Ryan

A Toronto man charged with first-degree murder in the crossbow killing of a woman and her two adult sons had prior convictions for bank robbery.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News