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Looking for someone to make a Facebook app or perhaps something fun and exciting? Need a web dev to do some work? Contact me with the details of your project and we can see if I'm interested in and available to help you.

I use open source tools to develop top quality web sites with usability, standards and high function in mind. I can even host and manage projects if needed.

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Although we take great effort in filtering dangerous email from your accounts, for safety and security with your email we highly recommend Mozilla Thunderbird. As for web browsing we recommend Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

In the News...

Zimbabwe's Mugabe sidelined as WHO goodwill ambassador after outcry


Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been removed as a WHO goodwill ambassador, the World Health Organization said on Sunday following an outrage among donors and rights groups at his appointment.

Answers to some key questions on Quebec's face-covering law

Zayneb Binruchd

Quebec’s Bill 62, requiring people to show their faces when they give or receive public services, became law this week. Many wonder how it will work. Here are some answers.

A Mortician's Tale explores the poignant — and mundane — realities of death

A Mortician's Tale 01 - embalming

The Toronto-made indie game A Mortician's Tale aims to open up frank discussions about death and dying by putting you in the role of a funeral home worker preparing corpses and consoling the bereaved.

Some Germans see echoes of Stasi-era surveillance in new new facial recognition technology


Germany is testing out facial-recognition technology at a Berlin train station. The goal is to improve security, but for those who remember the Cold War, it has shades of life under East Germany's notorious secret police, known as the Stasi.

Survivors wait for next steps in effort to preserve 'horror stories' of residential schools

0416 residential schools

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled residential school survivors must decide whether their accounts of abuse should be preserved or destroyed. Plans are now being drawn up to contact survivors and ask them their wishes.

Japan PM Abe's ruling bloc on track for big win in election, exit polls show


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ruling coalition was on track for a big win in Sunday's election, media exit polls showed, potentially re-energizing a push toward his cherished goal of revising the post-war, pacifist constitution.

Q & A | Teens search for way to improve magnetic resonance images

Sunrose Billing and Ben Nashman

MRI scans provide information about the body without actually touching it. Now two Toronto teens are trying to adapt that approach to search for what is in someone's blood noninvasively.

'Makes it more extreme:' Prof says climate change added to historic fire season

b.c. wildfire clinton elephant will

A researcher says wildfires that blackened huge swaths of Western Canada this summer are not just a local phenomenon, pointing to this year's deadly fires in Chile, Portugal, and California as other infernos that broke records.

'Bing, bang, boom, I'm done': Scan-and-go shopping coming to Canadian Walmart stores

Walmart ccan and go

New scan-and-go technology being rolled out at Walmart stores allows shoppers to scan and bag their items while they shop, and it may lead to customers bypassing checkout altogether.

Ubiquity of contract work in academia has turned public institutions into temp agencies, say critics

Ont College Strike 20171016

Precarious work is the "new norm"at Canada's colleges and universities, say teachers who are constantly put on contracts instead of being hired permanently. They say it's not only difficult for them personally, but that it's having an impact on students.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News