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I use open source tools to develop top quality web sites with usability, standards and high function in mind. I can even host and manage projects if needed.

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Although we take great effort in filtering dangerous email from your accounts, for safety and security with your email we highly recommend Mozilla Thunderbird. As for web browsing we recommend Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

In the News...

Parents stranded in Japan relieved as Canada issues visas for adopted children

Ryan Hoag

After weeks of sleepless nights in Tokyo hotel rooms, five Canadian families will finally be able to return home with the Japanese-born children they are adopting.

Trump renews tough immigration, border stance as critics press for family reunions


U.S. President Donald Trump pressed his tough immigration stance at a Nevada political convention Saturday, telling hundreds "we have to be very strong" to keep people, including violent gang members, from entering the country illegally.

Support workers doling out pills in nursing homes are under-qualified, some health professionals say

Monya Johnson

The Elizabeth Wettlaufer public inquiry has raised alarms about who is providing support to seniors in long-term care facilities. One doctor tells Checkup that support workers aren't adequately trained to deliver medications.

Tax tussle: Shaw loses bid to claim customers 'bought' paper invoices

Shaw Strategy 20160107

An extensive court battle has seen Shaw Communications lose a bid to transfer the tax responsibility for the cost of its paper invoices to its customers.

Train from Alberta derails in Iowa, leaking crude oil into floodwaters from rain-swollen river

Derailment Evacuation

A freight train from Alberta derailed in northwest Iowa on Friday, leaking crude oil into flooded fields flanking the tracks and raising concerns about the possible contamination of residential water supplies downstream, officials said.

Stop the noise bleed: Canadian invention limits spread of concert sound into neighbourhoods

Ever After Music Festival

Soft-spoken engineer Jeremy Bridge has invented speaker technology that delivers high-quality sound to festival-goers while limiting its bleed into surrounding areas.

Man jumps into water and dislodges a fish hook from a swan's neck

Fred Bowering

Somewhere on a pond in St. Catharines, Ont., a swan has Fred Bowering to thank for her life.

No drugs in Anthony Bourdain's body when he died: prosecutor


U.S. celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who killed himself in a French hotel room earlier this month, had no narcotics in his body when he died, a French prosecutor said on Friday.

Meet the Sherlock Holmes of bird crimes investigating the black market for dead hummingbirds


Forensic ornithologist Pepper Trail has been investigating the apparent rise in a black market trade for chuparosas: love charms made with the bodies of dead hummingbirds.

Could Turkey's Erdogan Era be ending?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Sunday's presidential election in Turkey is so pivotal that almost half of the three million Turks living outside the country have already marked their ballots.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News